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NesCafe.Theme - 10.0

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3.93/5 (82 votes).

1.0 Coffee color theme in beta stage will add icons every day if possible. Also will add a black version in the next few days please be patient.


2.0 added more icons, wood dock, and badge will update everyday 

3.0 added 9 icons 1 dock 1 badge 1 AE. updates every day.

4.0 theme has now 120 icons 

5.0 themes has now 138 icons and will continue to add more also added a dailer 

6.0 theme has now 156 icons 

7.0 added a light and dark color mod to theme 

8.0 added a few icons now has 164 and fixed a few bugs

9.0 has now 185 icons themed will add more

10.0 has now 202 icons